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EZ Joist Release

E-Z Joist Release in Chandler, AZ

Using the E-Z JOIST RELEASE tool to set open web steel bar joist is easy and fast. Connecting the tool to the crane with either a wire rope or strap makes maneuvering the tool easy for the laborer. Pull open the locking arm and set the E-Z JOIST RELEASE into the center of the top cord. Close the locking arm and walk the attached rope to the end of the joist. Drape the release rope in the top cord. NEVER USE THE RELEASE ROPE AS A TAG LINE!

The laborer will motion for the crane operator to lift and set the joist. The laborers receiving the joist will guide it into place, and the crane operator will keep the tool tight with tension until he gets the OK from his crew that the joist is secure and in place. At this time the crane operator will release the tension on the tool and the tool will sit down on the joist releasing the locking mechanism. The laborer at the end with the rope can gently pull on the rope to open the E-Z JOIST RELEASE, at this time the OK CLEAR is given to the crane operator to remove the E-Z JOIST RELEASE. The tool is now free to make the next pick.

Whether you using E-Z JOIST RELEASE as a single pick, Christmas treeing, panelizing or two at a time on an extra long joist this tool will be a great asset to your arsenal of tools. The time saving factor will save your company abundance of money plus the fact that our tools have been proven to be safer on the job site.

Safety is the number one objective when building our tools. Our tools are engineered by a structural engineer and have been proof tested by a certified accredited testing facility. We have followed the ASME and OSHA Standards to make sure our tools are in compliance.

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