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E-Z Beam Release in Chandler, AZ

The revolutionary E-Z BEAM RELEASE tools are here to change the way the world sets steel “I” beams. To be able to set “I” beams so much faster and safer will be the biggest asset to any steel erection company WORLD WIDE. The E-Z BEAM RELEASE tool was invented and patented by a senior crane operator. By watching his crew try to assemble rigging to pick up steel “I” beams was such a hassle and dangerous for the men rigging the beams. This new tool will keep your crews safe and is a lot faster than using a wire rope and or nylon strap. The E-Z BEAM RELEASE tool is set into 2 off setting slots 1”x 2” already incorporated into the “I” beam by your fabricator. Once the tool is set in place the locking handle closed and tension put on the E-Z BEAM RELEASE the tool cannot come open, at this time the ground laborer will walk the rope connected to the locking arm to the end of the beam and lay it over the top. The crane operator will lift the beam and set it in place (keeping tension on the E-Z BEAM RELEASE) the two riggers receiving the beam will secure the beam then motion to the crane operator to lower the tool to take all tension off the E-Z BEAM RELEASE. At this time the locking mechanism will pop up and release the lock. The rigger nearest the rope connected to the locking arm can then gently pull open the tool and the crane operator can lift the E-Z BEAM RELEASE out of the beam. The E-Z BEAM RELEASE is ready to set another “I” beam.

E-Z Beam Release in Chandler, AZ

At the beginning of any job project there has to be planning involved. Your engineer will be able to say which “I” beams will be able to receive the two 1”X 2” inch slots on the top flange equidistant (one on either side of the web 15”on center) that is required to receive the E-Z BEAM RELEASE . The engineers that we have contacted say most of the beam applications will be able to receive the E-Z BEAM RELEASE. When the steel erector places his order for “I” beams he will include the dimensions for the two 1” x 2” slots to the fabricator which they will be able in incorporate into the design.

The E-Z BEAM RELEASE tools have been engineered by a structural engineer and load tested by a certified testing facility. We have met OHSA and ASME standards. The load limit on the E-Z BEAM tools is 9000 lbs. If the beam is heavier than 9000 lbs. you will want to use 2 tools, but please check with your engineer first.

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