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Testimonials About Our Steel Joist Erection Tools


"Save time, save money, and increase safety. I highly recommend this tool!"
- Charlie Johnson
Former President, SEAA

"I offer my personal endorsement of this product for all steel erection companies. I feel strongly that it will allow the using company to achieve significant savings in employee injury experience factors, and enhance employee safety and security."
- Ernie Miller
EMOSC LLC, OSHA Compliance Officer (Ret)

"Mac Steel has used the EZ Joist Release tool for two years and purchased the second 6000 pound EZ Joist Release tool this year. We have used them both on the open web bar joist and they have been safer and faster than any other way to pick and set joist. Working in the blind to set bar joist with the EZ Joist Release tool has saved us time from trying to unhook the crane from each joist set, this tool is safer for the men and will cut down on crane time in the field."
- Edward McDonald
Mac Steel Erection & Welding

"We have eight E-Z JOIST RELEASE tools and they are fantastic. If you want your joist erection projects to be safer, more efficient and more profitable, this tool is what you're looking for. I highly recommend them."
- Kristina Everingham
President, EVCO LLC

"Once everyone caught onto the procedure to follow, joists wre literally flying through the air faster than ever... Great tool!"
-Jay A. Paroda
Project and Safety Coordinator, Maccabee Industrial Incorporated

"First I would like to thank Freedom Tools LLC. for their help in getting us the tool that would most benefit our company. We got two of the EZ Joist Release, and it most definitely helped with the safety and productivity on our projects. When we are in the market to get a couple more EZ Joist Release tools, Freedom Tools LLC will be our go to place. They were easy to work with and I couldn't have dealt with anyone nicer."
- Kelsey Hensrud
Pendergraft Erection Services LLC.

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